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What companies and level should i interview for?

Background: joined social consumer company pre seed - went from IC to leading all of eng (3-4 teams) within 3 years, 1y as IC 1y as TL 1y as HOE. Total YOE something like ~4y (1y IC consulting before joining this startup),

Company is backed by S tier investors, and so far got to valuation in 9 figs.

Thinking to explore big tech before starting a company. I've never worked at big tech before so have some questions.

  1. Is it important to work for another social consumer big tech (snap/meta) or will this not affect my leveling/comp too much?
  2. Is it important to try to join an org relevant to what I've spent time on in social consumer (core growth, maybe new products) or will this not affect my leveling/comp too much?
  3. Should I be going for m1? Is m2 out of the question? Does my total YOE really get in the way here? I heard most even M1s have much more YOE. How much does slope matter?

Big tech veterans pls help.

UnknownSoftware Engineering Managerย 2 years ago
I currently work for a FAANG company and if you're total experience is only 4 years in IT then your at best a mid level dev.

Their is a reason why you see people who have titles like director or VP that manage huge groups with 10+ years of experience move over to a FAANG company but only land a mid level gig... I'd recommend trying to just get through the door and then working your way up.
dingleberrySoftware Engineering Managerย 2 years ago
I am already at the onsite stage for an m1 at snap - not sure they think I'm "at best a mid level dev". Thanks for the response tho.



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