smartDev7621 in  
Computer Science at Northeastern University2 years ago

Recession concerns

I've got an interview with Expedia as a software developer level 3. I've got a friend who got an offer but turned them down because he was concerned that the upcoming recession would cause layoffs or a stagnant income. Does that make sense? Should I regard it as a concern as well?
adorableFounder 2 years ago
Stagnant income.... Expedia.... Er, since when was Expedia a fast moving, fast growing startup? lol. It's a travel company limited by the covid, so as long as travel opens up again, the revenue of the company will increase and so will pay/bonuses. This month, things are opening up again across the globe, so even Australia is a Go again. But if Covid 2023 comes and locks everything down again, oh, well... ... That said, what's the career GOAL/PATH desired? Ie. If you want to eventually lead global Game releases like CoD, you do not want to be working at a Travel company.



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