theplumber in  
Computer Engineering 2 years ago

Should I ask about salary range before interviews ?

My experience with this hasn't been too good. 
Many service companies in India pay dirt cheap salaries whereas there are many startups that pay top notch salaries to freshers.
It seems almost impossible to guess the salary range for a company for a particular position just out of platforms such as Glassdoor etc. still seems to be pretty exclusive to top companies when it comes to salary postings.

Is it okay to ask about the salary range to HR/Hiring Manager while talking about the role in first call ? Cause with experience, my assumption would be that it's NOT OKAY.

Moreover I'm kinda scared that the same HR will post about that experience on LinkedIn and call me a naive fresher living in a dreamy world of expectations, it's pretty frequent it seems already.
90h1yVTDNojhaSoftware Engineer 2 years ago
I would be careful about HOW you ask. But I do think it's totally reasonable to ask just so no one is wasting their time.