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Data Analyst/Data Scientist referrals in London

Hello Levels.fyi community,

My sister finished her masters in business analytics in 2021 September from Warwick Business School. However, for family reasons she had to come back to India for a year, where she's currently working as an Analytics Consultant. She now wants to move to London (where I will also be moving to in a month). Can anyone in this community help with referrals for a Data Analyst/business analyst/BI roles in your firms? She's flexible about the company or compensation. She has a total of 4 years experience, with 1 year experience in Analytics and graduated with a distinction in her Masters. Very grateful for any help, thanks in advance!

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I dont think we can DM just yet but for DA and DS roles, some companies I found on levels based on her location, rle, and experience level: - Michelin - Deliveroo - Just Eat - Spotify - Microsoft - Orbis - Amazon - Brambles https://www.levels.fyi/t/data-scientist/locations/london-metro-area?city=12008&searchText=data+scientist&limit=50&yoeChoice=mid