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MBA for a PM? Worth it?

Hi! I am a PM at a publicly listed ecommerce firm (reputed) in India. 
I'm 26 years old and I'm confused about the next step of my career. I did my engineering from a tier 1 institute, worked at an MNC for a couple of years as a product analyst and then got the current role. Does MBA even make sense for me? My colleagues tell me that the base package of a PM hired from IIMs is also the same as my current base. So money wise also it doesnt make sense. And I'm happy with my job. I mean product is my calling. So im satisfied that way as well. What should be the next step in my career? I feel at this stage i can do much more and i'm just wasting time apart from my job.
bravofan777Product Manager 3 months ago
As someone who just got the MBA, #1 don’t go if you are confused about your next step. MBAs are expensive and you will only get the best experience if you have clarity going into it. #2 I am also a PM and got an MBA because I knew I wanted to learn more about strategy, innovation, & entrepreneurship and have useful and proven tools to apply and question with an expert. I knew I wanted to use the program to have the structure to learn and be exposed to people who were better at doing this than me. & then yes, the network and opportunities you have in school and during cannot be beat. So should you get one? Maybe. Sure you can learn all of this on the job however I gained more info in 2 years then I did in my 6 years prior working on the topics that interested me.
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I feel more or l'ESS the sale but I am have only 2 YOE. Would ne open for a chat about tour careerpath ? I would help me a lot



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