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[7 YOE] - Software Engineer - iOS seeking advice/help from TPM and SDM professionals

Hi guys, I am an experienced software engineer and most of my experience lies in native app development (iOS).

I have led teams in the past and loved that people engagement role. After that, I got into Intuit as a sr. software engineer and in my last company I was on contract with the same title but doing all the stakeholder management and requirements gathering and everything.

Now the contract ended last month but after that, I decided to do PMP and switch to a TPM or SDM role.

I have aced my PMP, I have an MBA as well, and a bachelor's degree in computers as well!

I have been applying continuously past 2 weeks but getting rejections from everywhere :/

I am failing to understand where am I going wrong

Any advice?

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TPM is not a people management role. It's a influencer role, You own the overall delivery but no decision making power or independence. You are measured by over all brownie points. People from a good tech background quickly regret. As it involves a lot of strategy even for the obvious things.