ThomasF2 in  
Product Manager a year ago

10 years down the road, who are you and what are you doing?

Hi community, first post! ✌️😬

So the situation is, you get to have a conversation with yourself in 10 years. Curious what you guys (and girls) would ask yourself.

Me? I'd like to know if switching from swe -> PM was the right move or if I should have stayed in engineering. I'm having fun now, especially doing discovery work, but with all the boom and bust I'm witnessing, starting to think swe's have more resilient career paths and more options.


GobertamUndeclared at SUNY Polytechnic Institutea year ago
I would ask myself if I the major I chose was actually helpful in my career. Struggling right now between math, cs, and electrical. I’d like to work for nvidia after graduation. What major would be best?
kibitzComputer Science a year ago
Math. most definitely assuming you want to go into Computer Vision. Masters would be necessary. If you just want to do SWE at Nvidia CS + Math minor would be fine.