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Software Engineer a year ago

Amazon Technical program manager tips

Hello all, I'm an engineer and plan to apply for Amazon's TPM roles. Please let me know how to prepare and what to expect in the interview. How's the experience working as TPMs? I have experience here and there while working as an engineer but  I believe I'm good for it after doing few courses online.
 Thanks a lot. 

d0ord0naughtSoftware Engineer a year ago
Spoke to a coach and these were some sample questions I got to get me thinking about how to tell the story about my experience. 1) Tell me about a time you had to deal with a difficult client / customer 2) Tell me about a time you applied judgment to a decision when data was not available 3) Tell me about a time you said no to a customer request and why Tell me about a time you made something much simpler for customers 4) Describe an instance where you had to make an important decision without approval from your boss
Qwerty7654Software Engineer a year ago
Thank you so much! I’m struggling a way to set my foot in TPM role. Any advice ? Are you a TPM too?