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Things to do before you leave current job

Hey everyone,

I am currently in notice period for my current company.

I work as a product designer.

What are some things that I should do before I leave the company?

Some things that I have thought till now are:

  1. Get experience letter for my work at the company
  2. Get a letter stating how many ESOPs I have and how long till they be valid for (since there is no big financial event that I can sell the ESOPs on now)
  3. Ask if I can buyback some of the devices I use

I am sure there are many more things to consider here but I am not sure of them.

Your help will be appreciated πŸ™

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brightjupiterSoftware EngineerΒ Β 
1) maximize 401k match
2) use your health insurance (eyeglasses quotes etc)
3) download all historical paystub
4) get employment verification letter
5) send a farewell letter to those you care and cc your personal email to remain in contact with them (just in case for acting as reference etc you need them)