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Computer Science 2 years ago

Should I went until Mid-Late September to Apply for New Grad Roles?

So most companies (looking at companies like Roblox, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Cruise, Twitch, DoorDash, etc. and others when they start their postings) have already made their 2023 new grad/intern postings for SWE. While my resume is alright, a few projects and a recognizable software dev internship, in about a month I'll have completed a movie recommender application project, competed in a hackathon (HackTO hosted by Amazon) and have started another DevOps internship. With that in mind is it worth it to wait to "beef up" my resume and apply mid-late September or should I apply now?

Amazonian2022Software Engineer at Amazon2 years ago
Always be applying. There's no reason to wait, just apply now and if you don't land something by then, keep applying.
CoderComputer Science 2 years ago
Thank you! Since I see you are at Amazon, with that hackathon I mentioned since it's ran partly by Amazon Toronto and hosted in their office, do you think that holds a lot of weight for an Amazon application? Should I wait off on the Amazon one until I participate in that hackathon?



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