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Frontend Software Engineerย a year ago

career transition from mechanical engineering to frontend development (later want to become a full stack developer)

Hey I am mechanical engineer and want to become a frontend developer.

Currently know front end technologies (HTML, CSS, JS, React) and having a hard time finding entry level jobs.

Any suggestions or recommendations what I can do to get an entry level job, or even an unpaid internship to get my foot in?

MechatronFull-Stack Software Engineerย atย Oraclea year ago
If you have any relevant experience that you can think can display your work ethic and experience that will boost your resume as a front end developer then I would recommend you to add it in your resume.

Then reach out to potential employers and recruiters and see if you are able to land up in interviews. Also, try applying through job portals and see if you have any luck. The main thing is to land up an interview and then from there it will be all about demonstrating your coding skill sets.