TheiEngineer in  
Software Engineer 4 months ago

An MBA is worth it for a SWE?

Currently I'm a Tech Lead, let's say I was very lucky because I'm 27 years old and got this role and certainly, I have a lot of free time because I learned how to delegate and I am only reviewing code right now and 1;1s meetings.

I have a lot of free time plus I am in home office, planning to save some money and maybe spending that in a MBA, is it worth it for a SWE?

I think that only might get me a director position if I want to apply sometime.

Or maybe, use that time and money create are app or something...

PS: I have never been in a FAANG company, I tried in the past when I was new grad but failed and then grew up in other companies, I hate those intensive coding interviews... | Maybe in the future I will try but at this moment I think is not worth it anymore.

GibKissiesSoftware Engineer 4 months ago
As someone who is also exploring MBA/Management paths, the thing that most strikes me is the opportunity cost. Paying for a degree is one thing but giving up a year or two of experience + 100k or more in post tax income is a big deal.

I’m leaning towards “not worth the opportunity cost” as I digest my options, personally. If you really hate your job that’s a strong reason to take the plunge. If it feels fine or better, I would caution against further education.

Btw your gig sounds nice. That’s more or less where I’d like to be in my next position. Cheers.
securitystormSolution Architect 4 months ago
Spot on: look at the opportunity cost. Economics is not about money, but maximizing resources. Determine what you could do with the same amount of time and money (resources) and see if it aligns with your goals and aspirations. Don't get an MBA because you think it's valuable--make sure that it is.