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Team Match at Amazon

I have passed the Amazon interview for L6 Senior Program Manager Non-Tech. Recruiter just found a team for me and sent me the job description and scheduled a call with the hiring manager in 2 weeks for me (informational call, not interview).

I haven't spoken to anyone yet but from reading the job description, I do not like the work. The org is not revenue generating, it is not working on anything cool, the customer is internal.

Can I ask for a different team or does that look bad?

ChompingAtBitsTechnical Program Manager  
2 options that will not hurt you:

1. Reject and ask for roles that you are interested in
2. Ask for informational, hear what HM has to say about the role and then have the phone call
Nightly95Technical Program Manager  
Yeah, I'd hear out the conversation with the HM, but definitely ask probing questions on what you're looking for out of the role/team. When I was at Amazon, I loved working with internal customers way more anyways, so I'd love this team lol