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Backend Software Engineer a year ago

Asking for pay raise

Is it a bad idea to ask for a raise that you know is a bit above the role and location you are in? I definitely know that for similar role and responsibilities in my company it pays the amount I have asked for in some other location. But for location I am at, it's a bit high than average market rate. How does it impact the chances of getting the raise?
xxDVhEBackend Software Engineer at GFTa year ago
I think, your reason for the raise will not work. The better way is to interview at other companies at same location to get a good offer. Now you have 2 choices.
1. Leave the company
2. Tell the current company that you got an offer and negotiate to stay with a raise. Otherwise you will move to that new company.
aienthusiast4321Software Engineer a year ago
I'd say just find a new job if it's that important to you or get a promotion. Number 2 leaves you in accepting a counter offer and then the politics make it even more toxic than it was before. Never accept the counter offer



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