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Software Engineer a year ago

Meta Courses on Coursera.

I started the Front End Development course that Meta offers through Coursera. I'm really enjoying it and I'm happy to use it as a resource to allow me to learn Front End Software Engineering. But, I'm curious what other people's thoughts are. At 50 bucks a month, I can go at my own pace as I learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more. I can't wait for the class on React. I personally feel like this is a great roadmap for what I want to do. 
madscienceSoftware Engineer a year ago
I think you’ll get some folks telling you, “save your money, do self learning,” but what they can’t tell you is how you learn best. If you like the course and those resources, then none of the rest matters too much imo
BD1997Software Engineer a year ago
Thank you for your honesty and transparency. Honestly, the reason why I started this way is because self learning without a roadmap was killing me! I wanted to learn so bad and didn't know where to start. So having this be my jumping off point has opened my mind and has made it very very fun to learn.



Software Engineer