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BrooklynBrokeΒ inΒ Β 
Business AnalystΒ 3 months ago

Next Step for Laid Off Developers at Twitter?

Here are the choices. If one is missing, feel free to respond however you want. I wanted to make it easier for peepz.

1. Take some time off because you saved money. Start the job search in a couple months.
2. Interviewing already and think you will have offer, but you won't accept any offer with a lower salary at the new company
3. Retire because you are rich from Twitter stock.
4. Must hustle to find a job and will take a lower paying job because you need the cash fast and you have bills to pay.

IzobaraAndroid EngineerΒ 3 months ago
5. Remember that Twitter pays you till the end of January, so there is no need to rush.
frequentLeeProject ManagerΒ 3 months ago
Oh thats right, they did get 60 day severance, aka their 60 day notice.