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Data AnalystΒ a year ago

How to become a Product Analyst?

I am recent data analytics graduate, I am looking forward to move into the product side. I am technically strong in SQL, Python, Power Bi and stats. And I want to become a product manager in the future. I have 2 questions,

How to prepare for product analyst interview? Is there any course or certification that will help?

Will product analyst be a ladder to become a Product Manager in the future?

Thanks. Looking forward to your comments.

ratiogivenSoftware EngineerΒ a year ago
I think PM is very different from Product Analyst. It can depend on the company too, but PMs usually spec new product and coordinate stakeholders / engineering. Product analysts are more siloed and measure success and objectives. If you want to get into PM eventually I’d try to get more skills around creating specs and being comfortable working with a lot of different ppl