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Backend Software Engineer at Microsofta year ago

This is why I chose to be in tech

A friend of mine who works with the United Way published research they did on salaries across major cities in the US. The results were insane. Watching my parents struggle growing up motivated me to pursue this tech career. Yeah it sucks sometimes, but compared to what they went through, this is nothing.

Minimum wage workers in New York City need to clock over 100 hours a week to afford rent

Los Angeles

Hours required: 84

Minimum wage: $15.96

New York City

Hours required: 111

Minimum wage: $15


Hours required: 112

Minimum wage: $15.40

San Diego

Hours required: 90

Minimum wage: $15

San Jose, California

Hours required: 141

Minimum wage: $16.20


O913nubFd3Software Engineer a year ago
111 hours is a shocking. The bigger issue with inflation and housing prices is the fact that many people are living in shelters or cars while holding down said job. Or sharing that one-bedroom apartment with family members, sleeping on floors, cramped spaces. I grew up in NYC this way. It was not easy. But thankfully NYC has so many programs to help kids get a leg up, but what about other cities. It's extremely tough. I'm grateful for my parents working 2-3 jobs to make ends meet. It gave me thick skin. I'm trying to pay them back for all their hard work. The first in my fam to go to college and earn six figures. It's a huge milestone.