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Looking for product design roles?

Hey there everyone, I'm currently a master students studying user experience design but I also have three months working at an agency, dealing with financial tech in New York. I was let go from the role and I didn't mind it at the time because it allowed me to focus on graduate school but I don't want to stay stagnate, so I'm looking for a new roles where I can grow, learn from other designers & refine my hard/soft skills.

What I'm particularly interested in in terms of industries, are healthcare, education tech, sports and media related companies. I'm not opposed to FAANG but my main goal at the moment is to learn as much as I can wherever I land so I can learn how design affects businesses.ย 

I have a couple interviews lined up but I was looking to have more insight on how the market is right now, what tips could people give to me while job hunting.ย 

Thanks y'all!
GoogleMePlzUX Designerย 2 years ago
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Oh this is cool. Wish there was a Los Angeles version



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