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Software Engineering Manager 2 years ago

Are we going to see more tender offers?

Notion recently did a tender offer allowing employees to cash out some of their equity by selling it to new investors. As companies stay private for longer and especially given today's market, I feel like this will become common practice. I've heard of 3-4 other tender offers at startups happen within yhe last 6 months. SpaceX has been doing equity sales on a regular cadence for a while. 

I like it, great option to have on the table for employees. And the more companies do it, the more other startups have to think about providing it. Do you think it could lead to employees churning out faster since the golden handcuffs aren't necessarily there for years anymore?
Hsiw9176aIiwbVSoftware Engineer 2 years ago
I think that’s great. Incentives companies to be more diligent in setting goals and expectations up front and gives employees a stronger commitment by the company to their overall financial well-being.

Give me my money when I want it.