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Product Managerย 3 months ago

VP Comp Check

I recently got promoted to VP of Product at a Series A healthtech startup with between 100-200 employees. I manage the company's 8-10 PMs. Its a pretty chaotic environment and I frequently contribute above my level on general business systems and governance issues. My comp is ~190k + ~30k bonus and RSU that I have no clue how to value (resources on this would be appreciated). My total YOE is 16 years in leadership and management (mostly as a military SOF officer but also in defense contracting with a Fortune 100) and about 12 of that has been in a wide ramge of PM roles and contexts. I have historically undervalued myself (drastically) due to growing up professionally in the military and I'm trying to break that habit. Any feedback is appreciated.
Rome0HwProduct Managerย 3 months ago
VP at a compny that size would be a Director or maybe group PM so Iโ€™d say the comp is reasonable but could be higher since you have so many different pms. Maybe 210-220 base would be appropriate after a year in the role?

Rome0HwProduct Managerย 3 months ago
Also, congrats on your role! Good luck ๐Ÿ‘



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