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Technical Recruiterย a year ago

Do you take on more work than your job requires?

Or better yet, are you expected to?

Someone arguing for employees to do more than their job for the sake of the company said, "If you run a company with only people that 'just do their job, nothing more, nothing less' that company will not make it very far and will go out of business."

I couldn't disagree more. If a company is making hires expecting them to do more work than they are being compensated for, run. If leadership thinks employees care about the company more than their own wellbeing, they are delusional.
19g6ul2b29bv9Software Engineerย a year ago
I'd agree with going above and beyond if companies gave us a reason to be loyal and invest in their success.

They don't, so I don't care.

The company line about equity awards being to make you invested in company success is nonsense because your personal efforts aren't going to move the needle at all except maybe at an early startup, and your award probably doesn't actually add up to a ton anyways.