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Adobe internship to full time conversion rate

Hello All,

I have got into Adobe Data Engineer Internship for the summer and looking to understand approx what % chances they will convert interns to full-time opportunities. Can we ask the manager about the full-time conversions and if so when is the right time to ask that I am looking to convert into Full-Time?

Any tips/guidance for having a great learning experience at Adobe during my internship. My working stack is going to be (Hive, Presto, Azure, Databricks, and Tableau), what do you guys think about the opportunities for this stack post-internship.

For the past few months, I am seeing a lot of posts about the increasing demand for Data Engineers in companies, are you guys seeing any upscale in pay? I could notice there is a huge difference between DE and SDE pay but hoping that the recent salaries could be matching or near to SDEs. What would be the pay range for FT DEs in companies like Adobe(in the US), I have 2 years of experience in SDE, Data + Master's student currently.

what are the chances of having adobe on the resume for getting interview calls?


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Not sure about Adobe specifically, but it should be totally fine to speak with your manager about a full time conversion. Try to do it after you've finished at least half the internship though and have established a good relationship with them as well as managed to prove your capabilities.

I did an internship at a big Telco when I was still a student, and because of my studies I couldn't get hired immediately afterwards, yet they were willing to interview me again for a job at the same team 2 years after I finished the internship. So even if you don't get offered the role right away because for example there isn't an opening, just stay in touch.
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Got it. Thanks for the reply. I see, its a good way to show my skills and ask for FT



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