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Could AI be the game-changer in tackling the opioid epidemic?

The stubborn and complex opioid epidemic may finally meet its match—AI. As the crisis continues taking a fearsome toll, experts are turning to advanced technology in their ongoing battle.

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AI’s evolving role in tackling the opioid crisis

  • With a legacy of over 1 million overdose deaths since 1999, the opioid crisis has stubbornly resisted traditional preventive and regulatory measures. The latest AI-fueled developments offer newfound hope.
  • Groundbreaking AI innovations are focusing on identifying individuals at potential risk, monitoring treatment progress, and predicting relapse probabilities. Decoding social media behavior offers an effective outlet for early intervention.
  • More radically, AI-enabled wearable devices are being developed to detect overdose symptoms and automatically deliver lifesaving treatment.

AI: A double-edged sword?

  • Despite its promising potential, AI application in this sphere also raises concerns about privacy rights and misinformation. Facial recognition technology could lead to discrimination, while the risk of false data being fed into chatbots causing harm cannot be undermined.
  • Trust in AI and its appropriate deployment will be crucial to ensuring its positive contribution rather than being a dystopian threat.

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