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iOS Engineer 2 years ago

Sooo many offers pls halp


** 4th interview with McDonald's is coming up for "ios developer" and I think they're close to extending an offer at $100k fully remote c2h on w2. I think I'm the McDonald's ios teams first full remote candidate that is competitive it sounds based on convos I've had... also, the recruiting manager said they may be able to get me to german/europe offices after this project if I do good? And that's one of my end goals, but idk how much truth was in that offer. 

** 1st round interview with PWC today for a UX designer position. Idk what to expect for pay on this one? Big 4 pays average so im expecting $80-120k?

** passed an interview with recruiter for cognizant Senior IOS Developer 1st round this fri at 10am with the hiring manager. Getting offered $55/hr or $60 (i forget it was over the phone only so far) contract to hire. Remote.

** a recruiter wants to push me to another round with this comany but the concept kinda freaks me out?: http://titanhst.com
19g6vl27sqrb6iOS Engineer 2 years ago
Okay jk. These are NOT offers these are just recruiters and not hiring managers hiring me I am learning after a few interviews and rejections