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math in SWE career

So I started taking some more math with the goal to get into a CS or SWE program. However, I have not done algebra in over 10 years and trig is turning out to be more difficult than I anticipated.

How does math tie into the Career of a software engineer? I am worried about Calculus 1-3 if I am struggling with Trig. ?

How much math do you use in your daily routine? Should I make a career change? (my other option was nursing, I am really good at memorizing) or am I simply worrying for nothing?

madscienceSoftware Engineerย a year ago
I'd say actual 'math' isn't really a part of my job at all, but what you learn in math goes a long way and maybe your mindset or thought process about it could use some work to help out. Unless you're in academia or research, math in the real world isn't really about 'math' per se. You're not using trig functions or algebra IRL every day, but the idea is that you've been taught how to do it and, more importantly, you're taught to be resourceful and learn how to logic your way into certain things. No one memorizes every single line of code they right or all the functions, but the skill comes from being able to recall how to find the answers and how to work your way into solving different issues using your resources. Something that helped me with math as I started to struggle was to learn HOW to learn math, moreso than just relying on memorizing formulas.
dcnelsonSoftware Engineerย a year ago
Awesome, thank you for the insight. I appreciate it.



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