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Software Engineer 2 years ago

Quitting due to burnout?

Would it be stupid to quit my job right now due to burnout?

This is my first job out of college, and I've been here nearly 2 years. I'm currently making ~$80k in the dfw area, but I hate my job. Management is incredibly shitty and doesn't respect work life balance.

I know the typical wisdom would be to stay until I have an offer from elsewhere, but I feel like I barely have the energy to keep up with the job search in any meaningful way.

I have a decent amount of money saved up to which I could live off of for several months if I have to, and I'm seriously considering just hitting the bricks, spending a couple of months recovering from burnout, maybe work on some personal projects I've been putting off, and trying to find a better job in a few months when I'm ready.

WarnerBrosSoftware Engineering Manager 2 years ago
If you have enough savings, do it. Your job sounds like it’s a negative value add in your life right now. At least quitting gets you to 0.
jenniSoftware Engineer 2 years ago
+1 also allows you to get into a normal headspace to then apply to jobs based on what you actually want instead of seeking *anything* as a replacement.

Make your decisions when you’re neutral to it.



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