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Software Engineering Manager 20 days ago

Are Engineering Management Degrees worth it for an existing EM ?

I recently attended an intro for CU Boulder Master of Engineering in Engineering Management on coursera and was introduced to the benefits of it. I attended that to see if i can gain learn some more  than my current role provides. I converted from an IC to EM in the same company and know almost 75-80% of the things/processes already. But to be honest, i am not convinced if it would help to get such a degree when i'm already an EM. 

Looking for some suggestions on why/when should one go for such a degree and would it be beneficial doing it? Should I look at something else ? 
texfamSoftware Engineering Manager 16 days ago
Probably not worth it, considering your situation. I got my MBA when I was trying to transition to an EM and I am happy I did. I intend to continue my career into c-suite and I believe the MBA has helped me in leadership skills and general business understanding. I think it will make me more competitive at the VP level. But if you just want to stay in the engineering vertical and already believe you have leadership skills. I don’t think program is adding any value to you. A lot of people in my MBA program had no idea why they were getting the degree. A lot of them still are not using it and just accumulated a lot of debt. The program was hard on me and my family. Having a very clear understanding of why I was doing it was the key to my success.
idkanythingtydkSoftware Engineering Manager 16 days ago
Thank you ! Good to know how it has helped you ! I’ll have to think more on this