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Director/GM of Digital Energy Division (Virtual Power Plant)

About the Job:

As the “Director/GM of Digital Energy Division (Virtual Power Plant) ”, you will be at the forefront of the energy transition, interfacing with customers and championing the adoption of virtual power plants (VPP) across North America. This role is about more than just sales; it's about shaping the future of energy by converting prospects into tangible solutions that drive change. By pioneering innovative solutions and establishing strategic partnerships, you will enhance our customer journey and push the boundaries of what’s possible in the digital energy space.


West Coast, United States. Preferably in California or the Seattle area.


Reflective of market standards, considering the candidate’s expertise, resources, past performance, and interview outcomes.

Work Type:


Responsibilities and Duties:

1. Architect and implement digital energy (VPP) sales strategies, leading the team to meet or exceed strategic plans and sales targets.

2. Spearhead the expansion of the VPP and new energy markets, uncovering and capitalizing on fresh sales avenues.

3. Build and nurture relationships with clients and channel partners, tailoring VPP solutions that resonate with their needs.

4. Align resources from both internal and external stakeholders to bolster sales efforts. Develop strong alliances with key industry figures, such as energy providers, system integrators, and technology licensors, to optimize energy solutions.

5. Drive the product specs from client requirements. Drive the product direction of Development Team.

6. Stay informed about global energy storage trends and competitors. Leverage insights from government incentives, industry exhibitions, and competitor analyses to inform sales tactics and steer the company's strategic direction.

7. Continuously monitor market shifts, assimilating valuable information and recommending product refinements and strategic pivots.

8. Compile sales reports, projections, and other pertinent documents, providing regular updates to executive leadership.



1. Bachelor’s degree or above in New Energy Science and Engineering, Computer Science and Management, Energy Management, or related fields.

2. Proven track record in energy storage, new energy market, or sales leadership roles at the Vice President level or equivalent. Familiarity with industry trends and experience in bidding is a plus.

3. Acquaintance with North American new energy policies and regulations. Established connections with local stakeholders, such as government bodies, power companies, industrial zones, businesses, and system integrators. Demonstrable success in driving sales for energy storage products, with specific achievements in North America’s VPP market.

4. Deep understanding of the digital energy sector, paired with a solid technical grasp of product attributes and use-cases.

5. Outstanding sales acumen and negotiation prowess, with the ability to oversee intricate sales processes.

6. Own the existing immediate customer opportunities and be ready to materialize the deals.

7. Inspirational leadership skills, with a knack for galvanizing teams towards shared objectives.

8. Analytical and adaptive mindset, capable of navigating market uncertainties and demanding travel schedules.

9. Proficiency in English; knowledge of Mandarin is an advantage.

Please apply through the link:

Inspur Group hiring Director/GM of Digital Energy Division (Virtual Power Plant) in San Francisco, CA | LinkedIn

Inspur Group hiring Director/GM of Digital Energy Division (Virtual Power Plant) in San Francisco, CA | LinkedIn

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