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iOS Engineer 2 years ago

Fudging years of experience

Anyone do it? Every single fucking role is asking for 5 yoe + and I have 3. Im so sick of it. I've had hundreds of recruiters who can't damn read my resume call me for roles with clients that require 5 years of experience and im desperate. 
dnnOtTBMrjWUGhFRKSSoftware Engineer 2 years ago
At 3 YOE you should have no trouble finding dozens of attractive prospects in a month. Establish good relationship with recruiters that understand your strengths, improve your resume & LinkedIn, and prepare to talk about your experience and the value you bring. If they are saying you don't have enough experience for the role, it's not because of 3 years vs 5 years. It's probably because when they look at the experience you are presenting them with or when they are talking to you, it doesn't sound like you have the experience needed. That's not going to change by fudging your years of experience. In fact it will likely backfire... you will look like someone with little to show for all those years...



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