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Stuck as an SDET with 18 years of experience

Hi all, I started my career back in 2005 as a tech analyst and moved up my way to being a Senior SDET. My salary is awfully low where I make $65 an hour. And also add to my misery I lost 50% of my assets to my ex. With the divorce my finances has set me back to 15 years and I'm now a single dad and I live in the most expensive place San Diego CA. Folks I have been really thinking on how I can recover financially and emotionally. On the financial side as 46 old year old single dad what areas of expertise should I move into to get a higher salary. Should I target back end engineer since I have core Java expertise with micro services. I was also thinking of DevOps but the field is so generic. I'm 46 years old but I would like to use my experience as leverage and recover my lost time and ground. Folks can you please give career advise. On sad thing is I'm stuck in San Diego because of my child or else I could have moved somewhere cheaper but I feel God has made other plans for me. These are my experience in a nutshell: Java core, microservices, testing distributed systems. How do I transition to a high valued engineer ? Please help

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I'm sorry to hear you're going through a tough time. Where do you work now that you only make $65/hr as a Senior SDET? I know FAANG companies have SDET roles, you may be able to get into a role there which would obviously pay significantly more.
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