VicByNat in  
Technical Program Manager a year ago

What makes you say 'no thanks' to a job offer?

Obviously comp is a big topic (we are on Levels lol), but I'm wondering if there's anything else that immediately makes you reject a job offer.

For me, if it's not fully remote, I won't even entertain the conversation. I'm also super petty so if the recruiter sucks, I'll say no almost no matter what lol

FosiregProduct Manager a year ago
Recruiter is a big one for me too. Had one reach out a bit ago asking me to send a resume and they'd reply "if they were interested in (me)". Like... No, you messaged me. Convince me to be interested in you, not the other way.

Also any mention of "doing whatever it takes" or some other implication that there's no work/life balance. I get that sometimes it needs to happen, which I'm fine with on occasion. But I'm not giving up my 40 hour work week for more stress and chaos because they don't have a clear vision.
haptic2022Product Designer a year ago
This: “stress and chaos because they don’t have a clear vision”… did that once, never again.