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Software EngineerΒ 2 years ago

Should we celebrate acquisitions?

Pretty interesting short post: https://nutcroft.com/blog/should-we-celebrate-acquisitions/

I think we should, and products can become better and more capitalized with resources. But obviously depends on case by case.

Should we celebrate acquisitions? β€” nutcroft blog

19g6vl2v7zuywProduct ManagerΒ 2 years ago
I've had a hand in several acquisition assessments at a big tech company, and a couple acquisitions myself. It's ultimately important to celebrate a company finding an exit. The products come and go, but the people endure. If you've worked your tail off for years, even if it failed or ran out of runway, it's important that another entity saw value in the team that was built, what they learned and whatever can be pulled from that startup or small venture. To be sure, it's primarily about the money for the shareholders. But the employees will move on to do great things if they see their work and talent are valued. And we have a fighting chance to make better things for the rest of us.