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Total Comp at Amazon

I just spoke with recruiter for an L5 position at Amazon. I know Amazon does the 5%, 15%, 40%, 40% vest schedule, but they made it sound like if you're TC upon hire is ex.270k, regardless of the vesting schedule, you will get 270k/yr for the 4 years, it just will be in the form of more bonus or base pay or something in the early years? Is this true? I assumed my TC would be much less the first year compared to the later years because I'd be getting much more stock later on (assuming a constant stock price). Can anyone let me know how that works? Thanks!

madscienceSoftware Engineerย a month ago
Amazon still does 5/15/40/40 with their vesting, but they offer a 2-part sign on bonus that gets paid out in your first and second year so that your TC stays consistent. The sign on bonus is meant to cover the fact that you vest so little those first two years.
BowToYourSenseiSoftware Engineerย a month ago
Thanks for the help!



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