oopsipushedtomaster in  
Software Engineer a year ago

Should I switch companies amidst this recession?

Currently I work for Defense and have clearance so I feel as though my job is currently stable. I do want a higher pay though and it's about that time for a salary increase (3 YOE total, been with my first company).

I am scouting around for other potential companies, but am worried about being hired and then laid off. One of the companies I interviewed for abruptly stopped hiring did layoffs recently (TuSimple).

Should I still look around and interview, or should I wait indefinitely until the recession is gone?

Please advise and thanks for reading.

Aspirant2023Technical Program Manager a year ago
My own perspective on the layoffs with no insider information is that big tech over hired during the pandemic and they are overcompensating now. I think they are also trying to refresh their workforce, cutdown higher comp employees and hire at relatively lower cost. There will always be opportunities for people with good skills. In fact I received two calls from MAANG and I have deferred the interviews for reasons of prep time.

That being said, all kinds of companies over hired during the pandemic. You want to be careful where you land. If it’s early stage startup that’s yet to make money, I would stay away from them. If it’s one of the giants, I will definitely do it. It also depends on what stage of career you are in. Hope this helps
uBSlSiRd88RQ5s0b3UBusiness Analyst a year ago
Good points!