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Amazon AWS Loop Interviews

Hi all! Long-time lurker, first-time poster.

I'm preparing for my first (and hopefully my last) Amazon loop experience with the company's AWS segment. Does anyone have recommendations for identifying the leadership principle they're looking to have you respond to or any other tips before I step into the gauntlet? Were there any particular YouTube videos or other resources that you found really helped when you were going through the loop?

Many thanks in advance and cheers to everyone!! :)

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My advice would be...don't try. The advice I got from the recruiters & Amazon literature was to go through all the leadership principles (for SDE interviews you can likely skip some of the more manager/executive specific questions) and to write up 2-3 examples for each leadership principle. I recently went through Amazon interviews & received an offer (L6) and would highly recommend that approach. IMO the questions they asked were not easy to immediately tie directly to the LPs, and trying to do so might leave you second guessing how you're going to answer, or answering based on the wrong LP. Instead I did exactly what the recommended, wrote out multiple scenarios for each LP (some scenarios I re-used, with slight re-framing for different LPs) using bullet points and their STAR method. That gave me numerous scenarios I could quickly reference during the interviews (it's OK to have notes up, but don't just be reading off the screen) with scenarios that closely matched the questions they were asking, rather than trying to map back to the LPs explicitly. The recruiters should be able to tell you more about the STAR method, also see here:
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Followup thought, this exercise is also super transferable so while I hope you get the Amazon offer, if you don't (or if/when you're interviewing elsewhere) this makes it really easy to talk really coherently about your past experiences.