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Stay or leave in current job?

Hello folks
I recently joined a realestate tech company as a Senior Product Manager. Currently the morale in the company is extremely low as a lot of folks across all teams are leaving. With on-going fears about recession and a housing market slowdown there are also talks about layoffs. Question: should I continue in my role since I just started or should I start interviewing again? My current comp at this firm is really good, so will be a challenge to find an opportunity that can match this. However the role itself isnt what I expected neither is the company's vision/leadership that inspiring. What would you advice?

KfOcjw964dProduct Managerย 2 years ago
Oof. This is a pickle. Some things I would consider- 1) As someone new, there's always a risk that you might get let go, but since you're also saying other people are leaving, they could have hired you anticipating this was going to happen. So that's good. You're essentially insurance that work will get done. 2) That being said, your role sounds like it might be in flux as different people leave and duties get shifted around. Pros and cons. Pros: you get to flex your expertise and hopefully help define a path forward with leadership. Cons: they dont care and just want you there to patch the holes. 3) The comp is good so I think you should focus on saving as we head into this recession and make the best of it. Doesn't hurt to keep applying so unless you have another offer in hand, stay put. Leadership being uninspired could be for any number of reasons and that might be an opportunity for you to step up and be a catalyst. There may be people who are leaving that might stay because of you. Or maybe people who are staying may support your vision for change.
explorerProduct Managerย 2 years ago
Just got to know 10% employees were laid off. I was not one of them for now. Your advice sounds great but given the uncertainty I think I must start interviewing to have a back-up offer.