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Product Designerย 19 days ago

Changing Careers from VFX to Cybersecurity.

I have been a VFX artist for 20 years. The industry has failed us and I have done my research and find that cybersecurity and starting as a security analyst would be a good fit since I like the whole aspect of preparation, mitigation and eradication of risks to an organization.

I have started my journey by taking the Google Cybersecurity course on Coursera. I am doing it properly by taking my notes down on notion, categorizing them and learning all the abbreviations from the glossary.

After this I would like to prepare for the CompTIA Security+ certification. I know that certificates do not provide a job and I need to showcase my technical knowledge to the hiring manager in order to secure any positions.

I am also developing a portfolio where I would like to showcase the various techniques that I learned.

I wanted to ask if I am following a right path by doing the above steps? If not where should I work upon? What advices would you have for me that might help me succeed in cybersecurity. I love to learn and I have many transferable skills from my career in VFX that I believe would be beneficial to me in Cybersecurity.

Thank you.

PS: I wanted to know if there is a way I could ask someone to be my mentor? :)
hackrSoftware Engineerย 16 days ago
Hey, that's a really cool career change you're considering! Going from VFX to cybersecurity sounds like a great fit. The steps you're taking - the Coursera course, CompTIA Security+, and building a portfolio - all sound like a solid plan. Mentorship can be super helpful too, so definitely see if you can find someone to guide you through the transition. Best of luck on your new career path!
joeyjoeySecurity Analystย 16 days ago
Hi @hackr. Thank you for your feedback. Yes I found someone in Alabama who is a cybersecurity professor and has said that he would like to be my mentor. He has given me a road map to follow in my studies.