Kai916Kabfib in  
Software Engineer a year ago

Tech billionaires are buying up luxurious bunkers and hiring military security to survive a societal collapse…

...they helped create.


Im not surprised and im just not sure what the rest of us are gonna do. Like the world is literally on fire and underwater but the news tends to focus on things as if were not in dire straits. Theres the Bolt Creek fire that was raging on 9000 acres and idk, residents here were kinda like, yeah, just stay inside today lol.

Maybe we should pool our funds and build  own compound. Take it back to fiefdoms and castles lol
modamageFull-Stack Software Engineer a year ago
Now is a good time to buy acreage in a low CoL area in flyover country, learn basic subsistence skills, try to make friends around common interests, and figure out which of your skills would be useful in a barter economy. A better time would've been a few years ago, but hindsight is 20/20.

The very rich can cloister themselves away. Maybe you can cozy up to one of them and provide a needed service. Most of the rest of us will need to rely on community, and the mutual trust that comes from mutual reliance, in order to make it.