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LinkedIn Advice for a new grad

Hey guys,
I am going to be a new grad in CS from Winnipeg, Canada(this summer) and I was hoping if the community could help me a good strategy for increasing my activity on linkedIn(i.e. how to ask people on linkedIn regaradring their companies, how to steer that convo into help me find a new Software Developer job.) I am not that good at LinkedIn, and no Co-op or internship experience due to the pandemic, and tbh my university is not that famous for CS grads to find good jobs.
Any help even reference to some good blogs, videos would be appreciated.
If someone wants to guide me through this process as a mentor, it would be the best thing for me and my current condition
MuscatSoftware Engineerย 2 years ago
If you want to connect with someone from a company, the best way is to go through a filtered search on LinkedIn and connect with someone you actually have some sort of similarities with. This provides you with a common topic to initiate the conversation. I recommend always sending your connection request with a personalized note (talking about the similarity/similarities) so you stand out and they'll be more inclined to accept your request. You can only imagine how many requests FAANG employees can get! It's easier to do this with the more active people on LinkedIn. Not saying that the quiet ones are bad but make sure they're active so you're really wasting your time on someone who comes on once a month. You can tell by their activities log on their profile. See if they're commenting or liking other posts. It also helps to just cast a wide net. That way, you won't be too focused on the selected few who might not respond to your connection request. And finally, actually enjoy the process of getting to know them. They're human after all. It's pretty easy to tell if someone is engaged in a conversation so stay genuine. Good luck :)



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