LolaTulu in  
Data Analyst a year ago

What's the best way of dm'ing in-house company recruiters on LinkedIn?

Hi all,

I recently connected with a few YouTube and Spotify internal recruiters.

I'd like to ask them about analyst roles available in their respective companies and if there's anyone I could talk to about roles available there, or ask them what's the best way to get my foot in the door?

I'm not sure what's ideal way of message these internal recruiters without sounding like every other eager prospective candidate, and not sounding like I'm just asking them how to get into there company but put little effort in talking to them in the "right" way.

How would you go about this?
spanishmackerelSoftware Engineer a year ago
I dont think that strategy is going to work bcause they KNOW you connected with them with an intent to get a job. It's more a matter of HOW you ask for what you want. Don't just waste their time with small talk. Look for an opening like, referencing a post they might've made about the company and ask questions about that. Or if you see them commenting on things, perhaps like their comment and slowly interact with them on public threads.