jonsnow1 in  
Backend Software Engineer a year ago

Amazon vs Microsoft offer

Amazon L5 offer 377k (first year take home)

Microsoft L63 offer 317k (first year take home)

Want to know from Amazon folks whether the 60k is worth it to take Amazon? Heard really shitty reviews on the culture. Is Microsoft better for the longer term. It’s not a FAANG company though.

MrSinister75Solution Architect a year ago
I work at Amazon and for 50k would take Microsoft. You will make back 7k if you Max your 401k. You also get performance bonuses. Also you can buy the stock at a 15% discount all in all the benefits are like worth 20k alone. So now it's a 40k difference add the fact you RSUs vest much faster in 2 years you will have half your grant in Amazon you will only have 20%
jonsnow1Backend Software Engineer a year ago
Is there no cash bonus at Amazon ? And no Espp ? I noticed that 401k Match at Amazon sucks. Also, is it true you don’t get a raise the first two years ? What’s your opnion on the level? Is it easy to get to level 6 at Amazon ?



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