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AWS - Mechanical Field Engineer I

Please someone answer this
I have a final round interview with AWS next week. I am not sure what to ask for salary for this position. ( Locations VA, OH)

Please Help with any suggestions 
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cheesymanHardware Engineer  
Can you get them to give you a range first?
KamiKazeMechanical Engineering  
Yes, I had a technical round in which the interviewer forgot to ask for a salary. Later another sourcing recruiter asked me for a salary I hadn't done any research on the salary range so I told her the lower bound of range 100k but I will increase based on my performance in the final Loop round. She said that it will be possible to get you that.
But I did research that people with bachelor's degree for the same position and 0-1 yr work expericne have received 120k-130k in 2021-2023.