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Backend Software Engineer 2 years ago

Prepare for software developer role

I have 9 YOE in the software industry, but I started as a QA. I moved to the role of a Software developer just 1.5 years back
So currently as per my years of experience, I am quite new in this role. How do I prepare myself to catch up for the years delayed and be at par with the market?
I have experience in Kubernetes, Golang 
Matt sypSoftware Engineering Manager a year ago
You should be able to use your skills as an advantage. I would suspect there is nobody else on your team who had significant experience in testing. So in your case I'd help them grow in that area, and in return, they will help you grow as an engineer.

Show them how to make test plans and how to think about what needs to be tested. A lot of engineers don't think about things like negative tests or the difference between unit and integration testing.
MrgBackend Software Engineer a year ago
Thank you. This helps :) will try



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