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Laid off Data Scientist

Hi everyone,

I just joined levels.fyi and this is my first post. I was informed of layoff on 11-4 and my last day was 11-15. I have physics PhD and 4 years postdoc experience involving mathematical modeling, statistical analysis, curve fitting etc. (my academic background is in cancer biophysics, with 1200+ citations, 14 pubs including PNAS, PRL, SciRep, Biomaterials, Advanced Materials etc). after bootcamp (fellow @ The Data Incubator) I have only 3.5 years industry experience as a Senior Data Scientist at a veteran-owned, female-owned small business focused on defense contracts (I hold active DoD TS-SCI clearance). My work there was in NLP, NER, topic models and anomaly detection mainly in Python, with SQL and some Spark on GCP and DataLeap clouds. I am entering 3rd interview (1 hr "onsite" to present my take-home jupyter assignment results to ml team and then CTO) for a healthtech company where the Sr Technical Recruiter (during initial phone screen interview) heard my desired compensation range (180k-240k) and responded that '180, yes it is a principal position and we have stock options' etc going into some benefits.

Just curious what kind of offer to anticipate and what kind of negotiation I should enter.

The role is 'principal ML engineer, graph analytics' fully remote. I have a high interest in graphs and gnns plus multiple experiences with a variety of graph analytics, and successfully expressed my desire to work in AWS while acknowledging my experience in AWS is currently limited to s3, very brief forays into ec2 and sagemaker, and a handful of free aws training courses.

I want the job, and I am behind on wealth building (what academic isn't?), so feel I need to get everything I can. In terms of total compensation in today's market, what am I worth?

Greatly appreciative of any insights shared!

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Thinking strategically, the best leverage in negotiation beyond knowledge (that you can find on this site in the form of examples of data scientists making more than 180k) is having a better offer. Being good, even brilliant, at the job doesn't give you better negotiation power. you can push back on 180k and ask for more, but you may encounter resistance. If you're in a pinch, you can also take the job after you attempt to negotiate and continue your search for negotiation purposes. While a bit uncomfortable, you can always go to your boss with an offer from another place to make the compensation case that that market effectively values your skills at X. Equity in startup, especially early stage, can be a very good alternative to cash comp. While risky, it can become a significant component of your total comp if and when there's a liquidity event.
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thanks for your reply. I am also interviewing for another company for graph data scientist level 3 role that would utilize my security clearance. they will likely be getting to the offer stage at around the same time. so i do hope to exploit that!



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