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Any thoughts?

One of my friends is considering transition from design role to failure analysis role and asked me for my opinion whether she is making a correct choice. I asked her some basic questions.
1. What is the role : Failure analysis in automotive 
2. What is current role : Hardware design 
3. What are Pro's : Location, Better Salary, Better position ( i deduced growth from her answers) 
4. What are the Con's : she wont be able to design many circuits but will be able to perform FA on circuits or chips ( she seemed ok with it but confused) 

As much as I wanted to help her, my thought process could be different than her. Hence thought of reaching out to you guys for better advice. 
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XavierProfHardware Engineer  
Tough to beat those kinds of pros. I would ask her to consider longer term goals, like what skills she wants to continue developing and where she wants to go with her career. At this point, either one are good options and, since it sounds like the 'new' role could lead to better success long term, I'd say that might be the best.