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Making work WORK

Going back to the office has its perks, like catching up with coworkers and collaborating in person. But it also has its challenges, especially during hot summer days and long commutes.

While the office AC can make the workday more bearable, not everyone has access to such comforts. For those living in accommodations without cooling, the return to office life can be tough, especially in today's economy.

Remember when we all shifted to remote work during the pandemic? It showed us that working from home can be effective. So, why not continue offering this option until temperatures cool down?

In a world where companies are talking more about sustainability and supporting their employees, extending remote work options just makes sense. It's about being understanding and ensuring everyone has a comfortable work environment.

As we transition back to the office, let's prioritize what's best for everyone. Let's remain flexible, empathetic, and make sure work is manageable for all, regardless of their circumstances.
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That's the thing, most leadership teams preaching RTO don't actually give a crap about sustainability and making it easier for their employees.