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Technical Program ManagerΒ 10 months ago

TPM: Eng Mgr or Scrum Master?

I applied for a TPM role whose job description includes the following (see screenshot). The Qualifications make this role seem like a Scrum Master/Agile Coach. The Responsibilities make this role seem like a Program Manager. Those are two completely different roles.

Despite having a scrum certification, as a TPM, I expect that I will be participating in a functional Agile process the same way a PM or EM would. I'm not here to hold people's hands while they learn how to groom stories. And if an org needs that, that fine, but that's not a TPM. That's an Agile coach.

Do you agree, or am I overreacting?


19g615l179kna8Technical Program ManagerΒ 10 months ago
If you have already applied do attend the interview and share the feedback. Yes, you are right but that's the reality. I have seen quite a few job openings like these. They are a mix of Scrum/Project/Program Manager. There is no "T" involved but it's cool to have "TPM" instead of "PM" :) On second thought "T" might be implicit since its TPM role. :)



Technical Program Manager