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How does Google hire anyone ?

I love google as a customer and I have been trying to work for Google for 12 years now. But no matter what I do, I just cant get Google to move quickly in the hiring process.

First some data

First role- 2009 May - 9 ish interviews distributed over 2 months. 4 months later I got a rejection at which point I had already joined another FANG<

Second role - 2015 June- Team screen positive. Then I waited. And waited. In between another FANG made a great offer and I joined them. In December 2015 (yes really 6 months later) Google reached out to say they had found a interested team. Had to turn them down.

Third role - 2021 April - Team screen positive. Waiting again. In August I joined a startup.

Fourth role - 2022 April - Team screen positive. Waiting again for 3 weeks ...

Given companies are going from first contact to offer in a matter of weeks if not days, how does Google ever hire anyone ! Are there any tips and tricks that you have found to make Google hire sooner ?

I have always been upfront with the recruiters about other companies that I am interviewing with, what stage each of them are in etc. It doesnt seem to matter to Google.

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I worked at google. I applied through their site in mid October. Got reached out to late October and signed my offer early December. I see the process is garbage for many and I think some of dealing with numbers and such is tedious the downleveling bad, team match was nervous, but it all was fine timeline wise (this was 2018). I’ve also worked at FB and it took a bit less time but there also wasn’t Thanksgiving in there. Now at LinkedIn, which due to circumstances with how I cancelled some interviews not comparable. I do think google is aware they have a broader issue and is taking some steps to improve the speed with moving team match earlier (I think they are starting with a hire straight to team approach. The biggest thing I liked more about LinkedIn and FB was the financials negotiations. Google plays hardball and won’t negotiate without current offers (they wouldn’t even negotiate against my friends offer for their current job because the offer letter was too old). LinkedIn was a dialog more, here’s our standard offer where does that leave you, I told them it’s low gave some details on current pay. Where honest about ability to match took that and negotiated up chain to get me above max offer. FB was similar, they want to come to you with an offer you will sign. I told them what I was hoping for to stop searching for better offers to negotiate with and they came back with about those numbers. It was easy.



Technical Program Manager