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1st FAANG Interview

I hope all is well. Im a Linux admin who has been trying to learn coding (JS). Besides that I had a AWS recruiter reach out to me informing me about different engineering and Analyst positions. First i said i wasnt interested due to these positions location (Herndon/Arlington VA) I live in DC about an hour out. She told me that these positions will call for me to be in a building where i cant bring personal devices and i would need a clearance due to me handling DOD files. Can i get advice on the culture at AWS? I was thinking to just settle for an analyst and she said that they can have me shadow an engineer 6-12 months to transition to engineer writing codes etc. 1 work from home day a week by the way๐Ÿ™„.. i just dont know the process for analyst and aws work life balance etc. thanks so muchย 
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